• 2009
  • Award "Company of the month" November 2009

    Storz am Mark receives an award of the “Gewinnerregion Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg” for special achievements for the economy in the region, for the 90-year success story and international expertise in the dental sector.

    November 2009
  • 2000
  • Establishment of Stoma Dentalsysteme GmbH & Co KG

    From now on the distribution of stoma® instruments in Germany is taken over by “Stoma Dentalsysteme GmbH & Co KG”, led by the granddaughter of the company founder Tina Storz-Mazzeo.

    January 2000
  • 1991
  • Expansion of the company building

    Another company building with about 900 m² arises and accommodates the finished goods inventory, the administration and training rooms.

    December 1991
  • 1975
  • Establishment of Stoma Dental-Vertrieb Tuttlingen GmbH & Co

    For the distribution of dental instruments in Germany the company “Stoma Dental-Vertrieb Tuttlingen GmbH & Co” is founded.

    December 1975
  • 1973
  • New company building in Liptingen

    Due to its continuous growth the company builds and moves into new premises with production and administration department on about 1,300 m² in Emmingen-Liptingen (district Tuttlingen).

    October 1973
  • 1964
  • Award of Diesel medal

    For his achievements in the development of dental instruments and in the field of steam sterilization Walter Storz received the Diesel medal in bronze.

    November 1964
  • 1962
  • Handover of the company to Siegmar Storz

    After completing his commercial and technical apprenticeship Siegmar Storz, son of the company founder, takes over the fortunes of the company. He introduces new production techniques and products. A successful step into the future is the introduction of the teflon disc for extraction forceps. Other designs and patents follow.

    December 1962
  • 1958
  • The beginning of the autoclave production

    Storz am Mark starts the production of autoclaves. Shortly after this start the first patent for STOMA autoclaves can be registered. In 2003 the production of STOMA autoclaves is stopped.

    December 1958
  • 1951
  • Direct distribution in Germany

    With his demonstration vehicle, the company’s Volkswagen van, Walter Storz travels directly to his customers and advises them on dental units and instruments.

    December 1951
  • 1939
  • Publication of the catalogue "Ratgeber für die Zahnarztpraxis"

    Storz am Mark publishes its first dental catalog which is a guide for the dental practice. The distribution of dental instruments, which are now known under the brand name Stoma, takes place throughout Germany via own representatives directly to the dentists.

    December 1939
  • 1937
  • New company building in Tuttlingen

    The company moves into the new company building in the Zeppelinstrasse in Tuttlingen. Since the company is now no longer located on the marketplace, Walter Storz changes the company name to “Walter Storz am Mark” (without t).

    December 1937
  • 1919
  • Company establishment

    Walter Storz establishes the company „Walter Storz am Markt“ (am Markt = at the market) as a one-man-business in his parents’ house on the marketplace in Tuttlingen. He begins to trade dental and medical instruments. Walter Storz is a pioneer and builds his own tight distribution network to dentists throughout Germany. Business activities grow and the good and trustful contacts to these dentists consistently provide him with new impulses and ideas for the optimization and development of instruments.

    January 1919